Goats N’ Boats

While Anna’s art moves around the Peninsula, she often frequents the walls of Mark A. Galloway Chiropractic and Massage. Her newest show features the beautiful coast of Vancouver Island and the neighboring Gulf Islands, as well as her quirky goats and farm yard creatures.

Amt Up Art Walk

During the stress of daily life, it is important to find time to smile. Anna has been able to indulge her art these last weeks and has created a heartwarming art walk along a pathway in North Saanich. Here you’ll find everything from driftwood and stones, to painted boards, serving as thank yous, and reminders to keep doing what we can to recover from COVID-19. Thanks to technology, you can brows some of the art featured on the path, while maintaining proper social distancing. If you wish to visit the walkway in the real world, there are directions below.